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Surendran’s emphasis on the role of compassion in the courtroom reflects the beliefs of former President  Barack Obama and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. In nominating Sotomayor for her seat on the court, Obama said he was inspired not only by Sotomayor’s legal expertise, but also for her concern for how law and legal decisions impact the lives of ordinary people. In short, all people  especially those who might be otherwise disadvantaged by the system must be treated with the utmost respect and fairness.

Community Activities

Malayalee Association of Greater Houston

In addition to my work and family obligations, I am committed to community service.  In 2015, I was elected president of the Malayalee Association of Greater Houston, a 2,500-member nonprofit organization that serves the more than 12,000 Indian families in our area. I have served as secretary of the organization, and as a trustee board member. 

delegate to the state Democratic Party Convention

In the summer of 2018 I was a delegate to the state Democratic Party Convention in Fort Worth, Texas.


As an immigrant and naturalized citizen, I have a deep appreciation for everything that America has to offer. I revel in the cultural and ethnic diversity of our county, and I look forward  to serving all of you. I promise to be an impartial, fair, and honest jurist, serving you and your family with integrity and compassion.

Equal Access to Justice.

We are committed to civility, fairness, and a helping hand to all who approach the bench.

Compassion for All.

We recognize the diversity of our community and pledge to respect the individuality and needs of all.

Maintain the Integrity of the Court.

We strive to promote respect for the honor of the court itself.